JUMPN Whitepaper
The JUMP ENERGY TOKEN V2(JET V2) is the new utility token of JUMPN farm.
It will be used as fuel to transact JST tokens. For each 1 BNB swap from JST, you will need to burn 10000 JET V2 in your wallet. Users can stake their tokens to earn JET V2, claim it using JUMPN mystery NFT combos, and swap JET for JET V2 through liquidity pair. JET V2 will be burned when you start a JUMPN mode or mint higher level NFTs.
Symbol: JET V2 Contract Address: 0xE6CB2963e9da6E9A50C77b2354d47e664a1Ca8dD Decimals: 18 100% open market. NO tax and NO limit in trading.
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