Buy $JST & Earn $JET
STAKING THROUGH BUYING The first-ever STAKING THROUGH BUYING model has been deployed in the contract of $JST and $JET tokens. It’s easy to understand the concept of buy to earn.
Whenever you buy a $JST token, you will earn a random amount of $JET token. The range of $JET you made depends on the amount of BNB you used to purchase the $JST token.
If you swapped 1 BNB for the $JST token, you would earn a random amount of $JET token from the range of 0 to 20000 $JET.
$JET will be burned when you sell $JST tokens. The ratio is 10000:1. This means if you sell 1 BNB worth of $JST, you will need to burn 10000 $JET in your wallet.
The price of $JET is fixed to 0.0001 BNB.
BNB Used To Swap $JST
$JET Rewards Range
0-1 BNB
0 - 20,000 $JET
1-2 BNB
0 - 40,000 $JET
3-4 BNB
0 - 80,000 $JET
4-5 BNB
0 - 100,000 $JET
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