JUMPN Whitepaper
Smart Contracts
This is the overview of the technical implementation of JUMPN. All smart contracts can be found on GitHub once it's released.
Distribution - for three-axis gyroscope testing data apply to algorithm is for JST users reward.
Order - All the logic behind a regular order is functioned by an order contract which includes submission, updates, and execution of buy and sell orders at a limit price specified by the users.
Locker - Used to lock up JumpN token(JST) 23% for airdrop and game reward token.
Governance - Holding polls and distributing rewards.
JumpN Staking - Users can mint or short a newly minted JET. Users can other token to earn JET.
Time Lock - A smart contract embedded in a blockchain that executes a transaction at a specific time. 24 hours time lock will be added for the JUMPN staking contract.
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