JUMPN Whitepaper
Club Mode
Clubbing Mode
With the club and party mode, users can purchase club stamps or wristbands to earn tokens while having funs. You can directly start the club mode if you are actually at a real-life club or a party. Jump Energy (JET) is needed to earn Jump Satoshi Token (JST). Each club stamp or wristband NFT combo blind box will contain a certain amount of JUMP energy(JET). Every 1 JET equals 10 minutes of the jump-to-earn moment in the clubbing mode.
Metaverse Clubbing Mode
You can also choose to enter the JUMPN club metaverse at any time and anywhere. There are nine genres of club music for you to choose from.
Electronic Dance Music (EDM): House, Techno, Trance, Dubstep, Trap, and Future Bass. Baltimore Club, Jersey club music, and hip-hop music.
Liquor NFTs can be used here to increase your heart rate in the metaverse. That will be reflected in bounce ability. More calories will be burned, and you will gain JST faster than others who did not drink liquor in the JUMPN metaverse.
Every 1 JET equals 8 minutes of the jump to earn moment in the metaverse clubbing mode. You will stop earning tokens if you have run out of Jump energy (JET). You can either choose to carry on tracking your movements or manually exit by pressing the 'Stop' button. If you want to earn more JST, you need to acquire more JET either through staking or NFT combos.
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