Earning Mechanics
For Club and Jump Rope Mode:
JST Rewards = N * WAEL*(WABA+ABA)^JUMPN value * α(P1,P2)*F*100
N = Number of JET burned.
WAEL = Weighted average of efficiency level Index.
WABA = Weighted average of bounce ability.
ABA = Additional bounce ability.
F = Ratio of average frequency per minute
α = Alpha coefficient
Parameter: A range of system values.
JUMPN value: Value set by the team. It changes following the percentage of users engagement.
For Normal Mode
You will get a fixed reward of 10,000 JST if over 2000 calories are burned per day.
If less than 2000 calories burned,
JST Rewards =(Actual Calories you burned - 800)/12*100
For example, if only 1300 calories are burned today, you will earn (1300-800)/12*100 = 4166.7 JST as your normal mode reward.
For Extreme Sports Mode (Coming Soon)
Extreme Sports Mode can be used twice per week. You will need to record a video or start a live stream for your challenge. The likes and comments you got and the challenges' difficulties will be directly reflected in the rewards.
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